360Eye App

360Eye app can help consumer to authenticate ID and products. Consumer can use this app to scan EMC and get related drug information from mobile internet at real time. Or can input name and ID number to get ID photo from web server database in seconds. Product authentication is free. Each ID authentication will be charged by third party for CNY5 via mobile phone bill.


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Mobile Track & Trace

Combined with RFID, cloud platform, mobile internet technologies, mobile track & trace is a cost efficient anti-counterfeiting and channel validation solution which can allow governments, enterprises and consumers to use mobile phone to check product any where any time.



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Mobile Track & Trace
NFC Track & Trace

Use NFC phone to read NFC tag UID. Then check with websever database and display related information in seconds. Fast, secure and easy! Good for highend products and certificate anti-counterfeiting.

Find NFC label

Touch label with phone

Get result in seconds

Barcode Track & Trace

1. Scan barcode with phone
2. Input hidden code
3. Get result in seconds

Scan barcode

Input hidden code

Get result in seconds

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NFC Track & Trace


NFC = Near Field Communication, 13.56MHz, ISO14443A
Introducing Solution

Solution includes NFC phone, app, RFID tag, web server platform, data collection system. Since un-rewritable UID (Unique ID) stored in RFID chip ROM, it is very hard to get same UID tag. Web server manages NFC phone, app user, RFID tag, database and events record. Enterprise user can use NFC phone and app to collect RFID tag related information at real time.

Solution Use Case

Solution is good for authenticatioin, channel validation, sales management, logistic tracking. Web server can generate e-report to enhance management.

Consumer Authentication

Consumer can use NFC phone and 360Eye app to check NFC tag and get related information from websever in seconds.

Solution Features
Low cost: NFC phone is much cheaper than PDA
Securer: UID in NFC tag ROM is hard to copy
NFC tag cost: Will be lower in future since more and more tag consumption
NFC phone: Will be popular. There are 50M NFC phone users in Japan. 80% phone is NFC phone in Canada
Successful Case
2007 Shanghai Fireworks anti-counterfeiting
2008 Shanghai Fireworks sales permit anti-counterfeiting
2008 Nokia China outbox battery anti-counterfeiting

NFC phone model
Nokia  Lumia610 808PureView 701 700 603 N9
Samsung i9100 i9220 i9300 i9250 i929 i727
HTC One X G17 X515m A9188 A320e 
SONY Xperia Sola Xperia Neo-V Xperia S Xperia Arc Xperia P   
Introducing Global Panorama

Global Panorama, founded in Beijing in 2005, is a mobile internet, app, RFID, webserver and database service solution provider. Providing leading mobile ID, NFC and barcode authentication and tracking solution, RFID blood management solution, doctor rating solution, EMC data collection solution etc. Key players were from Nokia China new business department.


We provide easy and fast ID and drug authentication solution for consumers while providing mobile channel validation, sales management and data collection solution for enterprises based on cloud platform and huge database management. We provide track and trace solution to monitor each product from production lines to retail stores. We protect brand worldwide.


John Xu, excutive director

Graduated from Qinghua University. Former sales and marketing director of SSPA microwave Corp Canada, BD manager of Nokia China new business department, GM of Original1 China (SAP & Nokia JV)